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Jan 21, 2008
Exclusive statement from Obama accuser, Larry Sinclair
Please visit Larry's website for any future updates : Click here. Link updated 12/5/2008.

UPDATE (2/24/2008) Polygraph results for Larry Sinclair are in. Deception shown.
Dr. Ed Gelb, Former President of the American Polygraph Association was the Polygraph expert selected by Read more here. also administered a second polygraph exam. Results of second exam to be reported soon.

UPDATE (2/9/2008)
Larry Sinclair's radio interview with The Right Perspective radio show: Listen here.

UPDATE (2/5/2008)
New videos by Larry Sinclair:

On January 18, Larry Sinclair posted a YouTube video in which he claims to have engaged in oral sex and used cocaine with Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, in 1999. Requests for a statement from the Obama camp have not been acknowledged.

In an attempt to provide additional details, Larry Sinclair has provided the following statement:

My name is Larry Sinclair, (True), I was born in S.C. (I am not and have not been a resident of S.C. since 1975).

Please understand that the names of the driver, limo company and my hotel are not being disclosed at this time due to the threat of retaliation against them and or their businesses. I assure you they will be forthcoming at the appropriate time.

I was in the Chicago area from November 3, 1999 thru November 8, 1999 to attend the graduation of my God son from the Great Lakes Navy Training Center outside Chicago. While out for a night on the town, I hired a limo. After expressing to the limo driver that I wanted some company for the night with someone who knew Chicago, I was introduced to Barack Obama by my driver at a bar on Rush street. Mr. Obama and I had a few drinks and talked for about an hour or so at the bar. I mentioned to Mr. Obama that I could really use a couple of lines to wake up, as I was really tired but I wanted to do a night on the town while in Chicago. Obama asked if I was referring to coke and I stated I was. Obama then stated he could get it for me.

After Obama made a phone call, we left the lounge together in the limo I hired. Obama instructed the driver as to where we were going. After about what felt like a 30 or so minute drive we stopped and Mr. Obama got out after telling me he would be right back. Obama returned to the car after about 5 minutes had passed, at which time he pulled a packet out of his pocket and handed it to me. I took a CD case I had in the limo with me and put out three lines of cocaine on it. While resting the CD case on Obama's leg and taking a rolled up dollar bill, I snorted one line.

During my conversation with Obama, I had made it very clear that I was openly gay. In my lifetime, I have always been good at judging whether or not a person is interested. My instincts told me that Obama was interested. After snorting the first line, I used my right hand to rub Obama's left leg up to his crotch. After Obamaa became aroused, I snorted the second line. While snorting the second line, Obama had undone his pants and had his semi erect penis pulled out of his pants. Obama then began rubbing his fingers through my hair and then cupping the back of my neck. Obama pulled and pushed me to and down to his semi-erect penis, placing his penis in my mouth.

As I began to perform oral sex on Obama I noticed him pulling out another packet from his pocket along with a glass cylinder. Obama asked to borrow my lighter. As I came up off of Obama's penis to hand him my lighter, I see Obama placing a crack cocaine rock in a glass pipe. Obama asks me if I want to smoke it and I inform him I only snort, I do not smoke it. Obama then stated that smoking crack makes him harder and hornier longer.

Obama then pushed my face back down into his crotch. I returned to performing oral sex on Obama while he smoked the crack pipe. After smoking the crack pipe, Obama began running his fingers through my hair in a soft, sensual manner using his fingertips to trace over the outline of the ridges of my ear on the outer and inner edges; massaging the back of my neck, rubbing my face, holding my head in his hands in the most sensual manner I have ever known.

Obama lights the pipe a second time, and afterwards lowered his pants completely to his ankles, while telling me to suck his balls, to lick under his balls and sack.

I continued to perform oral sex on Obama for what seemed like eternity. When Obama had his orgasm he pulled my face up and gently kissed the small of my neck. I laid back and rested against his chest as Obama smoked the pipe a third time. I then did another three lines of coke and stood up out of the sun roof. As I was standing up out of the sunroof, the wind blew off a baseball style cap that was given to me by a very dear friend. I told the driver to pull over, I got out of the limo and ran down the freeway to recover my cap.

Shortly after recovering my cap, after having a couple more drinks in the limo, we (both Obama & I) decided to call it a night. It was decided that the driver would take me to my hotel first and return Obama to his car after dropping me off.

I told Obama I really enjoyed myself, enjoyed meeting him and hoped to be able to visit Chicago and him again soon. Obama told me he enjoyed himself and no one has ever "sucked" him as good in his life.

Larry Sinclair

The above statement and the statements made in the below video by Larry Sinclair are not representative of the opinions or views of the owner of this blog.

Jan 20, 2008
Another wrench for the Obama camp
View Larry Sinclair's detailed statement here.
Larry Sinclair, the gentleman in the video (see below), claims that he used drugs and engaged in adult activities with Presidential hopeful Barack Obama in 1999 when Obama was an Illinois Senator. Obama admits to using drugs when he was a teen, however, claims that he has not used any drugs since. If Mr. Sinclair's claims are true, this would mean that Obama's admission of drug use was only partially true.

Sinclair challenges Obama to take a lie detector test if he denies his (Sinclair's) allegations. Sinclair is also willing to take a polygraph. Sinclair further states that he has given Obama and his camp ample opportunity to come forward with the truth prior to his YouTube video. Obama's camp has not commented on the allegations thus far. More to come...

Warning: This video obtains language of an explicit nature that may be offensive to some.

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Jan 3, 2008
Ryan Rancher's arrest - more details
UPDATE (1/30): Ryan Rancher, who has been incarcerated since 12/15/2007, bonded out of the Jefferson County jail today at 4:48 p.m. (CST).

UPDATE (1/29): Ryan Rancher appeared before the Honorable Eric Fancher, Sr. today. Rancher has a total of 3 cases. Bond was set on each of the three cases at $75,000, $75,000, and $60,000. His case has been bound over to the grand jury. It is not known when the grand jury will meet to determine whether or not the case goes before a higher court. As of the afternoon of the 29th, Rancher has not made bond and remains incarcerated in the Jefferson County Jail. Rancher was ordered not to have any contact with any of his victims and not to leave the county without first notifying the court. Read today's article by Birmingham News reporter, Robert Gordon here.

UPDATE (1/22): To victims: Only one victim was able to have a lien placed against Rancher's property prior to the auction. At this point, according to sources at the court, the only recourse for the rest of you is to file a civil claim if you have not already done so.

Rancher's criminal preliminary hearing will be held on January 29 at 2pm. This is only a preliminary hearing. The monetary issues will not be addressed in the setting of criminal court. It is possible that the judge could order restitution at Rancher's sentencing hearing. The sentencing hearing could be many months away. Even if restitution is ordered by the judge, please keep in mind that Rancher could receive a prison sentence. Of course, as long as he is incarcerated and unemployed, he cannot be made to pay any restitution. If I receive any additional information, I will pass it along to my readers.

UPDATE (1/19): Rancher's court date was pushed back to January 29 at 2pm. I am researching information on the auction of his home and will post my findings here.

Please see link for more information (Birmingham News 01/3/2008): Click here.

I am very interested in hearing your comments on this issue. Please feel free to post your comments. You may also subscribe to this blog in order to be alerted of future updates.

Additional comments:
I recently spoke to a former high school classmate of Ryan Rancher. This person stated that Ryan was a very bright student and an all around great guy. He stated that he is truly shocked that Ryan is accused of such deceitful criminal acts. Rancher earned a bachelor's degree (accounting) as well as an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Sounds like Rancher could have been a very successful person in life (legally). It is such a shame that his life is now ruined.

Being that he resorted to the same criminal acts when he was released on bond after the first arrest, I am very doubtful that he will be granted bond on 1/14. His home is also set to be auctioned on the same day. According to the Board of Equalization, he and his wife purchased their home at 8457 Carrington Lake Cove (Trussville) in January of 2006 for $626,545. The tax assessor's office shows an assessed value of $490,500. The person whom I spoke with at the Board of Equalization stated that it is normal for the assessed value to be about 20% lower than the actual market price. He was living a life of luxury, apparently at the expense of others (to some degree).

Rancher is married and has three children.

To view Rancher's Jefferson County Jail inmate roster listing (including booking photo): Click here.

Please check back for future updates on Rancher. If you have additional information on this case (or other interesting news) that you would like to share and see on my blog, please email me at I am happy to research the info and add it to my blog.

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